Capital Health RN

Capital Health RN

07 May 2014 by in NSGEU Members

I am a nurse with 19 years of experience behind me. I am a committed professional who loves every moment of what I do, I feel very honoured to be able to provide care to the people of this province in what is often the lowest point of their lives. I give not only physically but emotionally to my patients and their families. Nursing is not just a career for most of us, it is a way of being. We chose this career path because we want to positively impact the lives of others. This profession takes a lot out of you: not only is it physically demanding but there is an emotional price as well. We miss many special moments with our own families to care for others and we do it without complaint. We put the needs of our patients above our own on a daily basis.

Staffing levels have become an added strain on not only our physical being but the worry felt every shift about the level of care we are able to provide our patients is overwhelming at times. I have woken many times after a long and difficult shift with the worry that I may have forgotten to properly address a patient concern or need, simply because it was so busy and we were so overwhelmed by the amount of patients we are expected to care for. This situation concerning the safety of the public in our hospitals has become dire in many areas. We need to address these safety concerns. The people of this province need to be assured they are receiving safe health care in our hospitals, with the right mix of staff and adequate ratios. My family deserves  it, your family deserves it and the people of this province deserve it.

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