Local 42 Member

Local 42 Member

07 May 2014 by in NSGEU Members

I am a member of Local 42-Healthcare with the NSGEU and have been a full time employee at Capital Health since December 2000. I have chosen to dedicate my career to the field of health care and I feel that this has been an extremely rewarding choice and I take great pride in providing quality patient care to Nova Scotians and residents across Atlantic Canada.

Physicians, nurses, healthcare employees and support staff working at Capital Health dedicate themselves to patients and families at a time when society is faced with the daunting task of doing more with less.

This round of contract negotiations for Local 97 is not one which is focused on salaries, but one that emphasizes patient safety and quality patient care. The CEO of Capital Health continually reminds staff that the vision and mission of the QEII is to strive to fulfill all aspects of “The Promise”-provide safe, cost effective, quality care”. How is this vision possibly achieved when the hospital administration refuses to staff our nursing units appropriately?

Perhaps the McNeil government will have a better chance of fulfilling some of their “Promises” by following through with the elimination of nine district health authorities.  Maybe that is why the hospital is refusing to negotiate with the nursing staff: they are fearful of losing their own jobs. One suggestion that I have is to look closely at the top heavy senior administration at Capital Health.  It seems as though they are the ones who are severely overstaffed. This restructuring would allow for more resources, some of which could be allocated appropriately so that nursing units could be staffed safely for all concerned.

I am in full support of my nursing colleagues and will stand by them during this very difficult and stressful time.

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