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Capital Health RN

07 May 2014 by in NSGEU Members

I support this change not only because I am a health care worker in a top heavy organization, but also for the future of most people. We will all eventually be involved in the health care system either personally or through a loved one. If the system continues as it is, all of us will have our safety and ultimately, our health compromised due to units being understaffed by overworked, stressed out RN’s.

I have been an RN for over 40 years both in Nova Scotia and in Ontario. There have been countless times during my career when I felt extremely frustrated and helpless, due to excessive, overwhelming workloads. I felt unable to give as much care an d support to patients and their families as they needed because I was spread too thin. I am sure that many people who came through the system look back on the experience with anger and bitterness because they or their loved ones didn’t receive the care and compassion they deserved.

Meanwhile, our employer in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a course, mandatory for all Capitol Health employees. This focus of this course is customer satisfaction. From a nursing standpoint, customer satisfaction will never be achieved unless the RN has enough time to spend with each and every patient and their families. This can only happen through proper nurse-patient ratios.


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