Acute Care Nurse

Acute Care Nurse

07 May 2014 by in NSGEU Members

As a nurse in an acute care setting I have worked short staffed many times, too many to count. While there are times this happens, being encouraged not to fill sick calls is not only unfair to patients and staff, but potentially dangerous. While there are no quick fixes to these issues, it is time to be proactive and realize that spending money upfront on adequate nursing staff will save money in the long run on sick time, over-time and many other ways.

Nurses are on the front lines everyday caring for patient’s. Time after time we “pull it out of the fire” and deal with poor staffing and supports while our efforts should be on patient care. There isĀ  an ongoing belief that Nurses will “handle it.” It is time to truly work together to put patient safety first. Nurse to Patient ratios cut down on errors, money and stress, to name a few. The blinders must come off. We all need to work together to fix these problems.

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