Capital Health RN

Capital Health RN

07 May 2014 by in NSGEU Members

As a practicing RN employed by CDHA for over seven years, I am ashamed, offended and deeply concerned about the actions of my employer in these most recent negotiations with my union NSGEU, Local 97. I am completely dismayed and outraged that the employer refused to discuss the proposed nurse to patient ratios and then turned around and sent emails to its employees about ‘professionalism’. It is unprofessional of THEM to refuse to bargain on what is the most important issue in health care today: patient safety.

I am here to attest that inadequate staffing levels is a major reason for the majority of nursing and medical errors I have witnessed over the years. The fact that CDHA will spend millions in overtime to deal with staff shortages, but can’t convince this government for more funding for permanent staff is ludicrous.

It is simple math to me. When I show up for a 12 hour shift and have to add two more patients to my regular workload of four patients, my patients suffer. They do not get the nursing care in a timely manner no matter how fast I go or whether I cut out eating, breaks, etc. it is just not possible to deliver quality bedside care when you are short-staffed. Just ask any patient on a med-surg unit at the QEII and they can tell you how long it takes to get their needs met when a unit is short by one to two nurses.

I love being a nurse and want to deliver the best nursing care possible, but CDHA and this Conservative government is hindering me from doing that and forcing me to the picket line. Please hear our pleas to effect change for better, safer patient care. I work hard every day to better the health of Nova Scotians and to ease their burdens at the end of life, please help me to continue to do this in a safer, more stable environment.

Thank you.

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