Capital Health RN

Capital Health RN

07 May 2014 by in NSGEU Members

I have been an RN at Capital Health for nine years.  During my time there, I have witnessed an enormous turnover of staff on my unit.  People come and go for a variety of reasons but one consistent complaint is workload.

As an RN it is important to have the time to attend to patients as a whole.  Time to reflect on the whys and the hows of medications, procedures.  Time to teach patients and family members how to cope at home with acute and chronic illness. Patients come in with a specific diagnosis, complicated by a host of comorbities and often require support in these others areas as well.  What if your loved one was in hospital alone crying?  Wouldn’t be nice if someone caring for him/her had time to provide emotional support?  With heavy patient loads, caring becomes task oriented.

I hope to avoid a strike.  I am very much on board with minimum patient -staff ratios.

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